Prayer Points:

  1. Spiritual Growth
  2. Victory over financial hardship
  3. Removing hindrances to advancement and demolishing stumbling blocks
  4. Prayer for multiple breakthrough
  5. Unseating the strong man or woman
  6. Prayer for rapid manifestation of miracles
  7. Deliverance from evil inheritance
  8. Deliverance from foundational bondage
  9. Uprooting the tree of non achievement
  10. Power against sexual perversion
  11. Defeating satanic reinforcement
  12. Crushing the head of the oppressor
  13. Anointing to excel
  14. Prayer for divine elevation
  15. Prayer for restoration
  16. Prayer for success in competition
  17. Prayer for power to prosper
  18. Prayer for power against household witchcraft
  19. Prayer for powers against evil alters
  20. Prayer of breaking the curse of failure
  21. Deliverance from the spirit of marriage destruction
  22. Power to excel in examination
  23. Prayer of baptism of promotion and testimonies
  24. Deliverance of children from satanic powers
  25. Relieving children from bondage
  26. Power against the spirit of fear
  27. Prayer for open doors
  28. Prayer for wealth must change hands
  29. Prayer for breaking ancestral evil hold
  30. Prayer for victory over satanic dreams
  31. Prayer against coffin spirit
  32. Prayer against evil decrees, curses & bewitchment
  33. Prayer for protection and spiritual sanitation
  34. Prayer for stubborn situations
  35. Prayer for power against desert spirit
  36. Prayer for power against marine spirit
  37. Prayer for destroying diseases, sicknesses,infirmity and germs.
  38. Release from destructive covenants
  39. Prayer against stagnancy.
  40. Prayer to pursue, overtake and recover
  41. Prayer of power against evil partners
  42. Prayer of power against destiny killers
  43. Prayer for supernatural breakthrough.
  44. Prayer of power to obtain profitable employment.