1. Defeating Redesigning Powers
  2. Lessons from the school of power 1
  3. The scale of the Almighty
  4. Dealing with the stones of the wicked
  5. The spirit of Armageddon
  6. War against anxiety demons
  7. Re-arranging the problem
  8. The spirit of the chicken
  9. The dangerous sleep
  10. Remember lot's wife
  11. Holy Troublemaker
  12. Biblical principle of long life
  13. Prophetic picture of the year 2007
  14. Deliverance from the rod of the wicked
  15. Wrestling with shadows
  16. Power to trouble your trouble
  17. Power to prosper
  18. Liberty without freedom
  19. The evil load
  20. When you are under attack
  21. My pharaoh must die
  22. My life is not for sale
  23. Power through fire baptism
  24. When the heavens become brass
  25. The strange children of the last enemy
  26. Power against unclean spirit
  27. The way of spiritual immunity
  28. The strife of the tongues
  29. Disgracing evil local weapon
  30. Rule in the midst of your enemies
  31. The arrow of the almighty
  32. The song of Moses and the song of the lamb
  33. The unseen barrier
  34. Physicians of no value
  35. Counterfeit Christianity 2
  36. Counterfeit Christianity 1
  37. god's asylum
  38. immunity against oppressor
  39. the prophetic picture of the year 2006 (010106)
  40. recovering your assets from the destroyer
  41. Facing both ways
  42. Breaking Destructive Linkage
  43. Attack the spirit of jezebel
  44. Power Against Captivity
  45. the evil diversion
  46. Paralysing Satanic Dogs
  47. Sir, we would see Jesus
  48. Detained by the grave
  49. Arresting the thief
  50. Disgracing water spirit
  51. Candidates of bewitchment
  52. Breaking evil links
  53. Dreamer or visioner
  54. Termites of the soul
  55. Chicken or eagle?
  56. I reject disgrace
  57. Madness of the mind
  58. The strongmen of this millennium
  59. Sheep amongst wolves
  60. The ultimate evil desire
  61. Poverty must die
  62. Vagabond anointing
  63. Fools on fire
  64. The river of power
  65. The fire and the altar
  66. The appointed time
  67. I need a miracle
  68. Charge your batteries
  69. Year 2005,the upper room experience
  70. The garden of evil planters
  71. Are you there?
  72. Adult crawlers
  73. The hem of his garment
  74. Holy rebellion
  75. The dark room of life
  76. The battle of the wasters
  77. The private enemy
  78. While men slept
  79. Change and arise
  80. The way to the power house of god
  81. The principle of violent faith
  82. The wicked shall fall
  83. The last laugh
  84. Iron or clay
  85. Power to bind, loose and spoil
  86. The pot or the well
  87. Cry of the spirit
  88. evil diversion
  89. The valley of decision
  90. Destroying Satanic Masks
  91. The jonah in your boat
  92. Idols of the heart
  93. Not by bread alone
  94. Cut it down
  95. Thorns of life
  96. I am getting out
  97. Abraham's children in trouble 2
  98. Abraham children in trouble 1
  99. Curses, covenants and professions
  100. Spiritual weapons
  101. Mantle of power Power of the emptier
  102. Assassinated by the mouth
  103. Strength for the evil hour
  104. Defeating evil and strange forces
  105. Blinding evil spies
  106. Looking unto Jesus
  107. When god hides his face 2
  108. When god hides his face 1
  109. The profitable burial
  110. Candidates for heaven and hell
  111. The need for revival
  112. Defeating bewitchment
  113. The spirit of gehazi
  114. The sword of deliverance 2
  115. The sword of deliverance 1
  116. The king of kings
  117. Rough handling the enemy
  118. Challenge by fire
  119. Uprooting satanic seeds
  120. Converting mistakes to miracles
  121. Power against serpents and scorpions
  122. Why the star hunters succeed
  123. The star hunters
  124. The school of stagnancy
  125. Reject the counterfeit
  126. Challenging the unchallengeable
  127. The certificate of failure
  128. The wine of god
  129. Occupy till i come
  130. The spirit of poverty
  131. The greatest prisoners
  132. Slay your giants
  133. Divine prescription
  134. Students in the school of ignorance
  135. The big preparation
  136. Stones of fire
  137. The eight great questions
  138. Church in the graveyard
  139. Silencing the satanic storms
  140. Vomited by god
  141. The seven washes
  142. Negative anointing
  143. Spiritual adultery
  144. Send god's fire to the root
  145. Problems that are not from the enemies
  146. Things that frighten the enemy
  147. Pulling down foundational jericho
  148. You shall see them no more
  149. Deliverance of the tongue
  150. The waters of separation
  151. Paralysing satanic ministers
  152. Receiving without asking
  153. Stealing
  154. The forces of the amputator
  155. 21 Hidden evil covenants
  156. Short bed and narrow blanket
  157. The great event that is coming
  158. The slumbering spirit 2
  159. The slumbering spirit 1
  160. Liberty Without Freedom
  161. Medicine From Above
  162. My Life Is Not For Sale
  163. Paralyzing Satanic Dogs
  164. I Shall Not Give My Enemies The Inheritance
  165. How To Detect And Destroy Curses
  166. Higher Fools
  167. Devil's First Sermon
  168. Encourage Yourself
  169. Facing Both Ways
  170. carry over from Egypt
  171. Deliverance from the rod of the wicked
  172. Candidates of evil arrows
  173. Biblical principles of long life
  174. Banned from heaven
  175. Attacking the spirit of jezebel
  176. Paralysing satanic ministers
  177. Spiritual criminals 1
  178. Spiritual criminals 2
  179. Victory over the thief
  180. Hearing From God - 2
  181. Hearing From God - 1
  182. The Miracle Cry
  183. The Battle Against Wasters
  184. Dismantle Personal Babylon
  185. The Shadow of Death
  186. Eaters of Flesh and Drinkers of Blood
  187. Warfare Prayers
  188. Problems at the Altar of Prayer
  189. Divine Insurance
  190. Defeating Household Wickedness
  191. Fight Back
  192. Erasing Evil Marks
  193. God of Elijah
  194. Disgracing Evil Gates
  195. Jokers at the Battle Field
  196. When God is Silent
  197. Local Soul Hunters
  198. Foundation of Marital Failure
By Dr. D. K. Olukoya

Mathew 19:12 says, “For there are some eunuchs, which were born from their mother’s womb; and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.”

This passage of the scripture makes us to understand that there are some eunuchs who did not want to become eunuchs but which were made eunuchs by men. That is, their lives were redesigned by other men.

Ecclesiastes 10:6 says, “Folly is set in great dignity, and the rich is sitted in the low place.”
Here, we see a rearrangement; the rich has been brought down while the foolish is prompted to the top one way or another .

Ecclesiastes 10:7 says, “I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth.”
There are so many masquerading princes around who have been redesigned to become servants.

God has created everyone uniquely. Everything you need to succeed has been incorporated into your life on the day you were created .God has an original intention for your life; He has something written about you. God has a specific blueprint for all the human beings he has created. But there are some wicked powers that redesign people. They were the powers that capture Saul. He began with prophesy but gradually these evil powers began their evil work, and by the time they finished, Saul began to consult witches. He began with prophesy and ended up with witchcraft. The redesigning powers did not stop until the prophet became a witch. When these redesigning powers begin their operation, all advices to their victims fall on deaf ears. They no longer listen to sermons. They considers counseling and warnings as foolish. When they hear message that supposed to make them break down and cry to the Lord to change them, they will not be moved because the evil designers have started their wicked operation.

These power move a person from a superior life to an inferior one. It is a disgrace for servants to capture the horses of believers. And it is not right for the enemy to move them from the front to the back. These redesigning power mar the pot in the hands of the potter in order to spoil the original design. This problem has been affecting many people right from when they are in the womb. Some of the problems that leave deliverance ministers confused are problems from the womb. A person who has been designed by these powers to become a witch as we can see in the case of Saul.

A person that has been originally designed to pursue an international career can be redesigned to a local champion. It could be the original design of God to make somebody the owner of a large company but if care is not taken that person could be redesigned by these powers to have a petty business. A person designed by God to be brilliant could be redesigned into a dullard by these powers. The younger brother of a certain man discovered through occult means that the man would be very brilliant so he went to a native doctor who assisted in ensuring that the man did not have a son. However, the man had a son contrary to his expectation. He ran quickly to see the native doctor who apologized and told him that there had been a mistake somewhere. The man said, "Okay, the mistake has been made, so what do we do now?" The native doctor said he would simply turn the boy’s brain into that of a goat. It was a terrible thing. So, this boy was such dullard that at the age of 17, he could not go beyond nursery school. But suddenly, there was revival in the family, the boy’s uncle that turned the boy's brain into that of a goat got born again, his father got born again and the boy also got born again but the problem persisted. Then the uncle confessed what he did to him. They all started to pray including the boy. Through aggressively praying, the boy began to pick up his life at the age of 19. He got to primary two at the age of 19. You can see what these powers can do. His conversion to a zombie was not God’s original state plan. So, if you allow the enemy to redesign you, you can not be sure to return to the original state. This is why serious prayers are needed.

Sometime ago, a certain man was brought. Right from when he was 21, he started seeing the number 39 in the dream. He did not understand what was happening until somebody gave him a tape from MFM which he listened to and prayed the prayers therein. It was then an angel appeared to him and explained to him that he will die at 39.Then he started praying and that evil design was removed.

As a matter of fact, unless there is a divine intervention, most redesigned people die in that state. Some ladies have been redesigned as men. Some stars have been redesigned as dullards. Some time ago, in a crusade, it was discussed about these powers and asked people to bring whatever they did not want to see in their lives. After the prayer session on the paper, they were instructed to burn the papers when they get home. There was a certain woman there that had been completely redesigned and these redesigning power were very angry with her. For three hours when she got home, her paper refused to burn. The ones for her daughter and brother got burnt easily but her own refused to burn until she prayed, and prayed before it started burning slowly. And they all tour their papers from the same notebook. Beloved at this juncture, I would like you to pray the following prayer point before you read further:

1. Any power assigned to suck me like orange, die in the name of Jesus.
2. Any power stealing what will announce me to the world, die in Jesus name.


A person who is under the attack of evil designers will become a spectator in life. Such a person is consigned to the dustbin of life. The person gets leftovers instead of his entitlement. No man cares to know his name or who he is. He has talent but the talent is not recognized. It expires with him. Such person would be captured by forces of limitation. Anytime he arises and wants to move, a voice will say, "No! this is how far you will go. You cannot go further."

There will be persistent attacks from satan when a person is under the attack of the redesigners, and the person hardly get things easily. They will harm the person in all areas, swallow the virtues, bury the person alive and swallow the person’s destiny. They would waste the youth of the person and make the flower of his life to waste away. They waste flower of people’s lives and mostly by making them live wayward and sexually loose life.

Somebody in the secondary school who has procured abortions is being wasted. Some young people do not realize that the fellow who is saying, "I love you" to them is actually telling them to redesign their lives and and to waste them. That "I love you" is from the bottom of the pit. It is redesigning powers that turn breadwinners into beggars. They repackage a person contrary to how God has packaged him.


1. Release the fire and arrows of God at them.
2. Command them and carry their loads and go.
3. Feed them with their own bread of sorrow and affliction, which they have been bringing before you so that they can feed on their own food.
4. Command them to be buried in the grave they have dug for you.
5. Command their boasting to become empty.
6. Command the boiling anger of the lord to fall on them.
7. Pray for a reconstruction, a replacement of which they have stolen. That is a return to your original design
8. Pray barricading prayers so that they do not move close to you again.

However, if you have not yet surrendered your life to Jesus, you can now invite God to redesign your life. You cannot ask for divine intervention. But there is power in the blood of Jesus to set you free. If you want to give your life to Christ, please say the following prayer.” Father, in the name of Jesus, I come before you now. I acknowledge that I am a sinner. Forgive my sin and cleanse me with your blood. I renounce the devil and all his works. Come into my life Lord Jesus and take control of my life, in Jesus' name.

1. Every secret thing that is oppressing me scatter, in the name of Jesus.
2. Every power knocking down my life, die, in the name of Jesus.
3. Every spell placed upon my life, backfire, in the name of Jesus.
4. Good doors that have refused to open, open now, in the name of Jesus
5. Giants opposing my breakthroughs, your time is up, die, in Jesus name.
6. My enemies, hear me well: I refuse to be a defender, I pursue you to death, in the name of Jesus
7. Waters of marah, pass over me; dry up, in the name of Jesus.
8. Every power that attacked me in the womb, what are you waiting for? Die ,in the name of Jesus.